Seafood, Spices, Sauces, and Accessories Available in Two Sea Fish Market Here at Two Sea Fish Market, we have a wide array of products that you need to achieve your flavorful seafood or fish recipes. Our wide range of products includes condiments, frozen products, spices, and preservatives. We also offer accessories that will help complement your own favorite dish. To […]


Two Sea Fish Market- Your Ultimate Fish Wholesaler Two Sea Fish Market is also a fish wholesaler, and we aim to deliver everywhere around the country. We offer first-rate choices of fish captured from local as well as international waters. As we receive our fresh supplies every day, we offer high-quality fish the entire year through our courier or delivery […]


Seafood: Extensive Array of Seafood Here at Two Sea Fish Market, we obtain our daily supply of fresh seafood from local fishermen. You may discover the savory flavor of our seafood that has given us a solid reputation in the seafood industry. From tender scallops and fundy lobsters to plump mussels, we have all you need to make your cooking […]



Two Sea Fish Market: A Globally Excellent Market Big achievements start from small beginnings, and this is the story of Two Sea Fish Market. Two Sea Fish Market started from the bottom and grew to become an excellent fish company that has been widely recognized throughout the world. The company was first established in 1950 by two fishermen with the…


Fish Soup

This is basically a non-fat main course that can be easily done for your family to enjoy. Ingredients 6 oz of cod fillet, already skinned and sliced to 2 pieces ½ cup of white wine 2 cups of fish stock 12 clams 2 celery stalks, already peeled and cut into thin slices 5 asparagus stalks, already snapped off at the […]

Garlic Buttered Grilled Clams

This is an exquisite dish that is easy and has a wonderful flavor. You may not get enough once you get a taste on this recipe. Ingredients: 1 and ½ lb of little neck clams that are already scrubbed 8 tbsp of butter (do not choose the salted ones) 4 cloves of garlic, minced ¼ cup of heavy cream ¼ […]

Fashion Tips for Fishmongers

Are you a seasoned fishmonger and love custom hoodies at the same time? Or are you an aspiring one? Fishmongers wake up as early as 4 am each day to go work. There are many varieties of fish, from wahoo to barramundi, and some markets have as many as 300 different types of fish. It is hard work. But it […]