Are you a seasoned fishmonger and love custom hoodies at the same time? Or are you an aspiring one?

Fishmongers wake up as early as 4 am each day to go work. There are many varieties of fish, from wahoo to barramundi, and some markets have as many as 300 different types of fish. It is hard work. But it pays pretty well, especially if your fish is a sought after variety such as the red snapper.

What is the best outfit for going to work as a fishmonger?

We asked for the opinion of experienced fish salesmen, and we have come up with a practical list of fashion tips for you.

  • Wear Water-resistant Aprons

Put on a water-resistant apron it will keep your undergarments clean, and prevent them from getting soaked through.

  • Wear an Old, And Warm Jacket

Fish slime is filthy. It can get everywhere, even when you’re wearing an apron. The smell is not something you want to get in your nice clothes.

So, choose an old jacket, or used overalls. A thick army jacket will do. Get three to four of them.

As a bonus, your jacket will keep you warm during chilly early mornings too.

Fish markets can get as cold as a refrigerated warehouse. The fish need to be kept in a cold environment to remain fresh. To work efficiently, you have to be cozy and comfortable.

  • Wear Thermals

Most fishmongers wear thermals under their outfits. Fish markets have refrigerator gear. Warmth and comfort are key to working effectively and safely.

Invest in good quality, thick gloves as well, to protect your hands from the fish gear.

  • Wear A Sweatshirt or custom T-shirt

Underneath your jacket, wear a custom T-shirt or sweatshirt.

As a fishmonger, you should have custom T-shirts and sweatshirts preserved for the fish market alone.

Have fun with it, and choose your fashion preference.

You can advertise your fish stall, go wild with fish memes, and show everyone your unique style.

  • Wear Pants with Pockets

Get thick, warm pants with pockets to keep pens, receipts, and other knickknacks.

  • Do Not Forget a Hat

Do not forget to cover your head before you go to work. The fish smell is not an odor you want on your hair.

Your hat should be as unique as you want it to be. Some fishmongers wear hats advertising their customers, and others advertise their favorite sports teams.

Your hat may even strike up a conversation with buyers, and you may form relationships that last a lifetime.

  • Dedicate A Day of the Week for Wash Day

As much as you can, avoid bringing the clothes you use on the job home with you. Instead, dedicate a day for laundry. This way, your home will not be smelling of fish often.

Ensure that you have at least three to four pairs of outfits to be rotated for work during the week.

Invest in three good quality outfits that are durable, comfortable, and will not be worn out from frequent washing.

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